Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal (IChPW) in Zabrze is looking for Project Partners from various sectors (including the scientific and industrial world) to cooperate with in the Horizon Europe Framework Program, in particular in cluster 8 entitled: “Climate, energy and mobility”.

We are interested in topics related to the following issues:

  • carbon dioxide removal and use,
  • energy storage,
  • hydrogen production,
  • sustainable low carbon production of biofuels,
  • production of biofuels using thermal photocatalysis,
  • valorization of biomass of agricultural origin,
  • thermal treatment of biomass in the torrefaction process,
  • production of advanced carbon materials from biomass,
  • photo-catalytic removal of greenhouse gases, i.e. N2O, CH4 in solar-assisted thermo-photo-catalytic reactions,
  • production of materials conducting and diffusing UV light for thermal photo-catalysis reactors.

We invite you to cooperate!

Contact person: Agata Czardybon
Department of Energy Transformation | tel. 48 32 621 64 28