ITPE activities are targeted on creation in Zabrze of EU-leading centre for technological research in the field of coal processing. Within its structure, ITPE operate unique research infrastructure of the research center, which enables the performance of technological tests and development of clean coal technologies. The obtained results and modular character of the equipment are the basis for the elaboration of novel know-how.

The expansion and modernisation of the Institute’s research infrastructure is oriented on the performance of actions in three major directions:

  • expansion of the research equipment by new installations for fuels gasification, combustion and degassing,
  • maitanance of currently possessed laboratory facilities and assurance and security of analytical and operational services required for efficient technological researches run and provision of reliable data,
  • performance of technological-process tests on experimental installations and on testing sites.

The key research areas are:

  • coal, biomass and waste gasification,
  • CO2 capture from flue and process gases,
  • process gases cleaning and combustion,
  • oxy-combustion and chemical looping.

Main objectives of the Centre’s research activities are focused on the improvement of processes? efficiency and economy accompanied with limitation of their negative environmental impacts.

Clean Coal Technologies Centre

The leading CCTW facilities are:

The research infrastructure of CCTW also comprises of support units, including technical media installations, cooling towers, workshops, which assure the current technical service of installations and their eventual modification, and storage yards.
The applied control and monitoring system enables in-place and/or remote supervision of processes and change of operational parameters.

Clean Coal Technologies Centre (CCTW) was established as a result of realization of P0IG.02.01.00-00-165/08 project co-financed by European Regional Development Fund within The Innovative Economy Operational Programme.


Jarosław Zuwałaprof. Jarosław Zuwała ‘ Director for R&D
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