Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

The increasing dynamics of changes observed in our research and business surrounding as well as novel challenges faced by the Institute in regard to activities offered on more and more demanding and competitive market have prompted us to develop the new strategy, which assures our adaptation to current economic, research and social requirements.

Bearing that in mind, as well as due to the fact, that Institute’s reorganizations have always resulted in the expansion and improvement of our competences, on 1st of February 2021 the novel Organizational Policy of Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal was implemented basing on the Act on Research Institutes.

The novel organizational structure of the Institute is based on five R&D Departments, which offer their services within the main areas of current market demands and our activities. These departments are:

We would also like to inform you that our website is also undergone to reconstruction and update and soon you will be able to see the effects of our actions.

Since 24 June 2022, pursuant to the Regulation of the Council of Ministers of 30 May 2022 on the reorganization of the Institute of Chemical Processing of Coal, the name of the Institute is changed to the

Institute of Energy
and Fuel Processing Technology